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We are an arts based, home child care facility that offers full day and part time enrollment or drop-in care. We offer a program that includes dance, music, art, and drama. Explore our site for a detailed description of what we offer.

About us

We are a full-day, part time or drop-in daycare that specializes in incorporating the Fine arts into our program.  Children at our facility will have daily exposure to Visual Art, Music, Drama and Dance.  Please use the menus for an in-depth look at what you and your child can expect.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Children involved with the Arts

With an early and sustained relationship with the Arts, children can experience the joy of creation, learn to enjoy differences, and learn non-verbal ways to express thoughts, knowledge and feelings.

In a recent Canadian study involving 7,000 grade1-6 students, involvement in the Arts did not take away from Language and Mathematics scores.  In fact, students involved in the Arts scored higher than students who were not involved in the Arts.

The Arts do not just produce students with better grades, they can also have a positive impact on other parts of our lives as well - the emotional, physical, social, and even spiritual aspects of our learning and humanity.



Let me take this opportunity to tell you a few things about myself. I participated in rhythmic gymnastics from age 8 to 18. During this time I attended the World Championship in Tallinn, Estonia and also traveled internationally to perform.

At age 18 I began dancing at Studio P.A.V.A.S., studying Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Tap, and competing in Acrobatics.

I studied at Sheridan College, enrolled in their ECE program.

Most recently, I have taught Jazz, Acrobatics, Tap, Lyrical, Ballet and preschool dance at Studio P.A.V.A.S.

I also managed and taught the preschool arts program, building curriculum, writing assessments, and incorporating dance, music, art and drama.

I am looking forward to starting this exciting new chapter in my life.

Caroline Bauer - Owner